New Real Estate Portfolio

Hello, with the passing months of working in real estate photography I have improved my technique a lot, I have created a dedicated page to my real estate photos that you can see here, I hope you enjoy the images!

IPhone Photo of the Day

This is an awesome bug lamp that was at one of the flats that I was shooting today, it’s made from a lightbulb, a tea strainer and some wire.

EuroPride Parade – Oslo 2014

I always have massive amounts of fun shooting the colorful pride parade in Oslo. Full of wonderful people, love and respect for one another.

Eie Eiendomsmegling Money Shot

I once again won the Eie Eiendomsmegling money shot of the month. I took this photo of the the roof terrace of the house that is for sale sold.

Classic flat in Frogner

Got to shoot this amazing flat in Frogner, you can check it out at

Oslo Medieval Festival 2014

Oslo’s Medieval festival 2014 was the best one that I have attended yet, it took place in the historical Akershus Fortress, providing a much better overall ambient to the whole festival, the whole location was much larger than the original place where this event usually takes place, and I felt that there were a lot more stands and activities, the weather was amazing and I was glad to see all the same plus new beautiful people with their breathtaking costumes. I hope that next year festival is at the same place and as awesome as this one.