A short showreel that I created for my profile in

Use of Images on Website

Here is a sample of some of the action and still shots for product can be used

Product Shots for Car-Spa

I am not just a real estate and street photographer, I also do a lot of commercial photography, here is a small sample of the work that I have been doing lately for Car-Spa, a top-notch car detailing shop.

New Real Estate Portfolio

Hello, with the passing months of working in real estate photography I have improved my technique a lot, I have created a dedicated page to my real estate photos that you can see here, I hope you enjoy the images!

IPhone Photo of the Day

This is an awesome bug lamp that was at one of the flats that I was shooting today, it’s made from a lightbulb, a tea strainer and some wire.

EuroPride Parade – Oslo 2014

I always have massive amounts of fun shooting the colorful pride parade in Oslo. Full of wonderful people, love and respect for one another.